“A Mayor’s Youth Council is a group of young people working toward the common purpose of developing their individual leadership skills to strengthen their communities through volunteer service and increased communication with municipal leaders. Youth develop and lead initiatives with the support of adult mentors. A Mayor’s Youth Council is more than just a service club because members determine to train and involve their peers in service leadership. They also provide valuable insight on issues affecting youth and the community.”

What do Mayor’s Youth Councils do? 

  • Raise youth related issues with community leaders
  • Event management grant writing/giving
  • Training for peers
  • Practice public speaking
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Volunteer newsletters
  • Youth forums
  • Training for teachers/organizations
  • Speaker bureaus-bringing in experts on subjects
  • Service projects
  • National Day of Service
  • Advice Sharing

1. Will a Mayor’s Youth Council support the mission of your city council?
The Mayor’s Youth Council endeavors to enhance the mission of the city council and its mayor. One of the foundational aspects of Mayor Robinson’s platform is to give a voice to the youth in community so we can know how to better serve them.

2. What is the purpose of the Mayor’s Youth Council within the City they serve?
For all intents and purposes, the Mayor’s Youth Council serves to create a bridge between the youth and the adults in the community. It endeavors to encourage young people of all ages and backgrounds to become involved in the community through volunteering, voicing opinions, and raising issues with our community leaders.

3. What kind of activities will the Mayor’s Youth Council undertake?
The MYC will primarily spearhead activities such as Youth Rally’s, Voter Registration, City Day, Youth Summits/Forums and Workshops, etc.

4. What will the Mayor’s Youth Council be called?
Youth Advisory Council, Mayor’s Youth Council or Youth City Council.

5. What are the goals of the Mayor’s Youth Council?
To bring awareness to issues that plague our youth; to examine city issues from a youth’s perspective; to encourage young people to be active in their communities; to understand what a person’s civic duty consist of; to bring harmony and unity among all age groups in the city.

1. What benefits will youth representatives receive from serving on Youth Council?
Serving on Youth Council will count as community service hours; they will gain a more active knowledge of the political process and how government officials function; they will learn how to speak in public;

2. How many youth will serve on the Council?
There will be approximately 6 members of the Youth Advisory Council (Youth City Council) but there will also be another 15-20 members that will serve on various committees within the organization

3. What age ranges will be represented on the Council?
Ages 13-18 will serve on the council

4. What is the commitment expected out of the youth representatives?
To be active at all meetings and to pledge their full participation in the organization.

1. What is the timeline for recruitment and selection?
All final selections for the Youth Council will be approved by August 31, 2017.

2. What is your plan for recruitment?
The Mayor and City Council will make a selection of an individual they would like to be on the Youth Council and all other selections will be chosen through the school system.

1. Does the Mayor’s Youth Council have a decision-making or advisory role with the host city?
Yes. They MYC will play a prominent role with the current City Council and will advise them of different issues that are plaguing the youth and they also will voice their concerns on issues that will be decided on by the City Council.

2. Are there specific responsibilities of the MYC to the host city?
To provide insight and clarity on issues and take the initiative of volunteering in the community.

3. Are there specific responsibilities of the host city of the MYC?
The host city will support the MYC in all endeavors and activities. They will allow the MYC to voice their concerns and allow them to make a case for certain things that should or should not be allowed in the city.

4. Will the MYC have any staff to support it? What is their role?
The MYC will have a staff of 5-7 adult mentors. These mentors are graduates of the local school and are closely affiliated with the Mayor Robinson. These mentors will govern and advise the MYC.

5. Will any money be budgeted for the MYC and its goal?
It is expected of the City Council to allot certain funds for different activities within the MYC. Moreover, the MYC will conduct fundraisers for even more activities and involvements in the community.